Co Curricular Activities

The school is trying to bring out excellence in co curricular activities along with academics. We offer a wide range of activities to the students based on their interests. There are regular dance, music, art and craft, yoga and karate classes for the students. Outdoor and Indoor activities are an integral part of school?s curriculum. Outdoor games include volleyball, cricket, skating and badminton and indoor games include table tennis, carom, chess etc. These various activities not only keep them fit and fine and also teach them feeling of brotherhood, cooperation, and discipline and helping each other in time of need. To enhance the public speaking skills students are encouraged to speak in the morning assembly on various topics. Various festival themed based competitions are held in the school from time to time. Students are encouraged to take part in various inter and intra school competitions to inculcate in them the spirit of competitiveness. Finally games, play and sports strikes the right balance in their overall curriculum and breaks the otherwise monotonous routine. We are constantly working for the all round development of the children to enable them to face the ever changing challenges and the needs of the world around them.